12 Podcasts for Men Ready to Level Up their Life

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Whether you’re washing the car, on your daily commute, or pounding out miles on the treadmill chances are you’ve turned to podcasts to distract you from monotonous tasks. If you gravitate to news, sports or comedy casts it’s time to get out of your comfort zone. With over half a million podcasts available today (Heater, 2018) shows are being created on every topic imaginable.

Try these to get out of your listening rut and level-up your life.

Master’s of Scale with Reid Hoffman
Master’s of Scale is a 2018 award winner for Best Business Podcast and comes in at 30-45 minutes per episode. The host Reid Hoffman is best known for being a co-founder of LinkedIn. They base episodes on interviews with CEOs and entrepreneurs who share their journey of scaling their company’s success. Recent shows include interviews with Sara Blakley founder of Spanx, Tim Ferriss author, and entrepreneur, and Ev Williams co-founder of Medium and Twitter.

Safe for Work with Liz Dolan and Rico Galiano
The Safe for Work podcast averages 40 minutes per episode and focuses on workplace advice for people-related challenges. The hosts are corporate veterans and each week tackle a listener’s question to help them be happier and more fulfilled in their work. Episode topics range from office romances to negotiating for yourself to surviving toxic coworkers.

Beyond the To-Do List with Erik Fisher
Host Erik Fisher explores the nuances of productivity through his in-depth interviews with productive people. The show focuses on getting the listener tips, tricks, and tools that make his guests productive. Episodes are between 30-60 minutes with most being 40 minutes or longer. Fisher begins each episode title with a descriptive word, so you know at a glance what the episode covers. Recent episodes include “Rest,” “Remote Work,” “Creativity” and “Routines.”

LeadX with Kevin Kruse
Learn from the top leadership experts and business executives who share their best tips for career success, communication strategies, and management tips every weekday. The is a mix of 30-minute interviews and shorter solo episodes in which the host answers listeners questions. Recent shows have covered personal branding, effective feedback, and staying calm in tough situations.

Ben Greenfield Fitness
Hosted by personal trainer and performance coach Ben Greenfield this show answers questions from listeners and interviews leading experts in the fields of fitness, health, diet, biohacking, anti-aging, and fat-loss. Episodes run 60-90 minutes on average, cover multiple topics and are released twice per week. Recent topics include: beating chronic fatigue, multi-day fasting, and using your mind to heal your body.

Having it A.L.L. with Matthew Bivens
This personal development podcast focuses on simple steps to find what you want in life and simple methods of tapping into the personal power needed to achieve it. Host Matthew Bivens offers up both inspiring interviews and transparent solo episodes. Weekly releases last anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes and cover topics such as rejection therapy, success rituals, and showing up authentically.

Science Vs. by Gimlet Media
Hosted by Wendy Zuckerman Science Vs. takes fads, hot topics, and firmly held beliefs and fact-checks them against science. This weekly podcast runs 30 minutes per episode. Topics are wide-ranging and sometimes controversial. Recent episodes have explored serial killers, ketogenic diets, antidepressants, and gun control.

Get It Done Guy with Steve Robbins
Work smarter, not harder with Get it Done Guy host Steve Robbins. Each week Robbins brings his listeners tips on how to stay organized and productive in work and life. These quick and to the point solo-casts (under 10 minutes) cover a wide range of useful and interesting topics including quit social media, avoid misunderstandings, meet commitments, and write a great thank you note.

Stuff You Should Know by HowStuffWorks
Hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant blend education and entertainment in this bi-weekly podcast that runs between 30-60 minutes. You will always have something interesting to bring up in small talk situations if you drop this podcast into your playlist. Recent episodes discuss: “How Diabetes Works,” “How Attorney-Client Privilege Works,” and “How Tsunamis Work.”

One Extraordinary Marriage with Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo
The DiLorenzo’s have an extraordinary marriage, but it wasn’t always that way. Through their own stories and tips as relationship coaches, they help other couples create a strong marriage. Their 30-minute podcast releases weekly and covers topics such as intimacy, sex, children, and communication. Recent releases include: “The Art of Manscaping,” “Sex During Her Period,” and “Marriage-Building Habits.”

Zen Parenting Radio with Todd and Cathy Adams
Hosts Todd and Cathy Adams are in their own words “a spiritual and emotional mom and a logical and practical dad.” They produce hour-long podcasts that are a mix of solo podcasts and interviews. They cover topics related to parenting, marriage, communication, work-life balance, and personal development and release a new episode each week. Recent episodes include: “Raising Global Citizens,” “Re-parent Yourself,” and “How Do I Get My Partner To..”.

Paychecks & Balances with Rich Jones & Marcus Garrett
Hosts Jones and Garrett focus on money and career issues of millennials while keeping things fun and relatable. Their twice-a-month, hour-long podcast is a mix of expert guests and solo shows. Example episodes include: “They Were Struggling on $500k?!”, “It’s Time to Raise that Credit Score,” and “How to Make a Career Change.”

Heater, B. (2018, June 05). Apple Podcasts now hosts more than 550,000 active shows. Retrieved from https://techcrunch.com/2018/06/05/apple-podcasts-now-hosts-more-than-555000-active-shows/


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