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Podcasts are Booming & that Equals Opportunity

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Areas of Expertise 

Internal Podcasting

Employee engagement is the connection an employee feels to the company and its mission.  When employees have this emotional connection not only will the employee do better work they will remain in their position longer. There are many tactics that can increase engagement and an internal podcast is one of the best.

Branded Podcasts

Businesses are looking to branded podcasts as a way to amplify their brand’s story, create one-on-one time with their ideal client,  and position the company around a certain area of expertise. Podcasts are booming and businesses can use them to engage and entertain listeners and develop deep relationships with potential customers.

Interview Marketing

Utilizing outreach marketing via podcast interviews allows your leaders to connect with your consumers rather than simply marketing to them. What better way to give your company a face, a story, and a mission than for the CEO or other executives to get in front of an audience and make a real human to human connection. Connections that can easily turn into leads and even customers.

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Benefits of Internal Podcasts

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Benefits of Interview Marketing

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