How to Pitch a Podcast Host and Get Booked Every Time

With over 500,000 podcasts available on Apple Podcasts it’s little wonder that interview marketing is booming as a way to connect with your ideal customers. There are literally thousands of podcasts serving every niche imaginable and many of those podcasts are interview-based.

This means that every day hosts are seeking new, interesting, knowledgeable guests to interview on any topic you can possibly think of.

If you’ve determined that podcast interview marketing could help your business gain exposure to new audiences but you’re not quite sure how to land those gigs, you’re in the right spot.

How to Pitch a Podcast Host and Get Booked Every Time

Provide Value

The number one thing to remember is you must provide value. You aren’t going to be commanding the mic and delivering a 30 minute infomercial. You have to approach podcasters a bit gently.

You're bringing a lot to the table but so are they. You're the one that wants to get in front of their audience. 

Remember that.

If you send a pitch that comes off entitled, demanding, and arrogant you’ll never hear back from them.

So, the first thing to do is explain what you would like to teach the audience. Let the podcaster know what the audience would learn from you and how it might improve their business or their life.

Know the Audience

You also want to show that you’ve taken the time to learn a little about the audience you'd like to speak to. Take time to listen to an episode (even if it's at 2x speed) so you tailor your pitch to that particular podcaster and their particular audience.

Generic pitches usually get discarded.

If you are thinking of hiring out this process make sure the person you hire commits to doing this. There is not much a podcaster hates more than a pitch from someone who obviously knows nothing about them or their podcast.

Show You’re an Expert

While you don’t want to come off as bragging or arrogant you will need to show that you have some knowledge and expertise to share. Be sure to create a one-sheet that you can attach to the pitch and add a short paragraph with a few highlights in the pitch itself.

If podcast interviews are going to be a mainstay of your outreach marketing strategy you should consider creating a media page on your website. This is a great place to post publicity photos, your full length bio, book links, awards, links to other interviews you’ve given, etc. Keep the pitch short and sweet but have all the info available somewhere that the podcaster can easily access it.

If you provide value, know the audience, and show you’re an expert you should be consistently booked on podcasts.

If this is something you want to learn more about check my services page for how I can help your business capitalize on podcasting.


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