How to Easily turn Podcast Listeners into Warm Leads

Podcasts are extremely popular these days and that popularity has grown steadily since 2005 with no indication of slowing. According to current research there are over 500,000 podcasts available on Apple Podcasts (the leading podcast search engine).

Many of those 500k are interview-based shows, meaning the podcast host brings on guest experts to interview.

With all these podcasters needing to provide fresh, relevant content on an ongoing basis there is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and business leaders to utilize podcast interviews as a marketing strategy to secure warm leads from brand new audiences every day.

How is this even possible?

There is a process.

How to Easily turn Podcast Listeners into Warm Leads

Don't be Salesy

The podcaster has put their blood, sweat, and tears (literally!) into building up their audience they aren’t going to let just anyone speak to them. And they definitely aren’t going to let anyone turn their interview into an hour-long sales pitch.

So, if you can’t sell how exactly are you going to let people know about your company and what you offer? Through your stories, your knowledge, and your advice. And through your calls to action that you can strategically place throughout the interview.

When you approach a podcaster to request an interview you have to lead with value. You need to get a feel for who listens to the show, what is the podcasters mission, and how you can help them achieve that mission.

Freely Give Your Knowledge

Let’s say you are reaching out to podcasters in the Finance niche because your company is an investment firm and you feel that listeners in the finance niche would be your target audience.

You need to let the podcaster know that you have stories that her listener’s could learn from. You may have advice that could save them from making bad investments. Perhaps you have some knowledge that could save them time and money when they are first getting into investing.

These are the types of conversations that podcasters want to have on their show. And these are the types of ideas that will get you an invitation to be interviewed.

Add a Call to Action

Once you secure those interviews and get comfortable giving interviews you can begin to add in little calls to action throughout your conversation.

For example let’s say you’ve written a beginner’s investing book, mention that. It may drive some leads or buyers to your site. Maybe you’ve got a great 10 point checklist for getting started in real estate investing, offer that as a freebie to the audience. That will get you some leads.

There are thousands of podcasts in every niche imaginable, provide value, provide connection, provide a call to action and you can turn listeners into leads.

If you think interview marketing is for you then check out the next post on how to write a killer pitch and get booked as a guest expert.


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